Monastery of Samuel

Τhe ruined Monastery of Samuel is among the settlements of Exochori and Saidona in Western Mani. The monastery is built on a ravine on the western slope of the Mountain top “Sotiritsa” of Taygetos and is a typical example of a fortified monastery. Quadrilateral fortification wall surrounds the church, which is protected on the north side by a war tower.

There was a smithery in the Monastery of Samuel, while monks- craftsmen repaired there the agricultural tools and weapons of Kleftarmatoli and captains of the era. We do not know exactly when it was built. An inscription mentions the year of 1633, without knowing if it refers to its foundation, while the year of 1760 is written on a frescoed icon of the second wall painting.

The Catholic in Monastery of Samuel is formed in cross shape with a dome and is dedicated to the Assumption. Inside there are frescoes dating back to the first half of the 17th century.

The Monastery of Samuel celebrates on August 15th, when a feast is organized by the locals of Saidona and residents of nearby villagesin the grounds of the monastery.

The Monastery of Samuel along with that of Vaidenitsa and Tower of Kitriniaris, were the fortress triangle of Saidona for defense and guard of villages Kardamyli and Androuvista by any Turkish invasions.

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