Monastery of Savior

Τhe abandoned Monastery of Savior is in the Gorge of Viros in Messinia near the Monastery Lykakis. According to a document of 1681, the monastery was built in the 14th century. Its renovation took place in 1807 according to an inscription located on the west side of the sanctuary. It is said that the Gospel of Evangelist Luke belongs to the Monastery of Savior.

The temple, dedicated to the Transfiguration of Christ is located inside the Monastery of Savior and is an aisled basilica with an octagonal dome and a large courtyard in front of the temple. At southwest of the precinct there are still two rectangular buildings of 1864 and 1900. There are also rocky caves to the north of the temple. The monastic place without fence also includes a mill and a beekeeping building.

The Monastery of Savior organizes every year on August 6th a big feast that attracts residents and visitors of the surrounding areas, who arrive with their cars through the dirt road that starts from the village Petrovouni over Kardamyli and ends at the bed of the ravine opposite to the monastery.

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