Monument of warrior from Mani

On beach of Verga at 6 km to the east of Kalamata there is the monument of Warrior from Mani, in commemoration of the famous Battle of Verga in 1826 between people from Mani and the forces of Ibrahim. It is a marble stele with an embossed form of the warrior from Mani, mounted onto a stone stand. The construction of the monument of Warrior from Mani was erected by the fundraiser from expatriates of Mani in Attici.

The Battle of Verga

In June 1826, Ibrahim attempted to attack to Mani. Five thousand people from Mani and Peloponnese, led by Elias Katsakos Mavromichalis, A. Mavromichalis, St. Kapetanakis, A. Troupakis and others were gathered in the narrow way of Almyros to face the 8,000 walkers and riders of the Egyptian pasha. The Greek forces entrenched themselves in this position, repairing stone Verga, a wall that had been built with dry stone in 1825 .

In front of the wall of Verga, on 21-24 June 1826, the Greeks stopped the repeated attacks of Ibrahim, forcing him to retreat. The outcome of this battle was very important for the revolution, because it stopped the march of Ibrahim to Mani and led him shortly after to the crushing defeat at the Battle of Navarino.

The monument of Warrior from Mani stands on this point to remind us the heroic contribution of the region and the warriors to Greek Revolution, which started in Peloponnese.

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