The ope of Methoni

The ope of Methoni is located in the sea area between Methoni and the islet Sapienza, of Messinia and it has been declared a protected area because of its natural environment at the bottom of the sea. The ope of Methoni includes the coast from Cape “Kolimvri” to “Chondro Cavo” as well as the north side of the island of Sapienza.

The Mediterranean endemic species named Posidonia oceanic, which spreads across the marine area of the ope of Methoni in depth that reaches up to 40 m, forms extensive meadows. This species is very sensitive to pollution and thus it can be used as an indicator of the ecological situation of the area. In its foliage a large number of plant and animal species is hosted. The species Halophila stipulacea grows in the maritime area of the eastern Mediterranean and Peloponnese is the westernmost point of spread.

The ope of Methoni is also known for the large number of ancient shipwrecks that are dispersed at the bottom of the sea and it is a popular place for diving.

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