Perdikovrisi is a small village in the mountains of Messinia. It is built at an altitude of 662 meters above sea level, approximately 40 km away from the city of Kalamata and 30 km away from Messini. Perdikovrisi belongs to Messini, which is the seat of the municipality.

The few residents of Perdikovrisi are occupied with farming and agriculture like in most of the inland villages of the region. The fertile Messinian land especially favors the cultivation of olives, which is the main product, but you will also see the cultivations of vines, fig trees and vegetables.

The settlements PoulitsiKefalovryso and Kinigos to the east are near near Perdikovrisi and the Refuge of Wildlife in Touba.

Perdikovrisi is built on the slopes of the mountain Radovouni. The view from the picturesque streets of the little mountainous village is amazing and enchants visitors as we can admire the whole Messenian plain from this location.

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