The village Petralona is a settlement of Ithomi in Messinia, which belongs to the municipality of Messini and is 37 kilometers away from the city of Kalamata.

Petralona is built up on a small hill located at southwest of the town of Meligalas at an altitude of 350 meters. Today fewer than 60 residents live in Petralona.

Τhe first inhabitants had built two stone threshing fields ιn the location of the village and at its highest point. There they had cereals, which were mainly wheat, oats and barley.

The people began to gather in the area of the village as there was a water source. So they developed the new village around the threshing fields and the source in 1897 and they named it Petralona because of these two ancient stone threshing machines which are now located in the center of the village.

Petralona is only 7 km away from neighboring Mavrommati and if you get there, you should visit the important archaeological site of Ancient Messini.

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