Prophet Elias

Prophet Elias is a settlement in Kalamata, which began to get developped after the earthquakes of 1986. From the Prophet Elias we can see Kalamata and the Messinian Bay. It took its name from the monastery of Prophet Elias who was there, from which today only the church is saved (monastery stopped its operation in 1834).

The temple was dedicated to the memory of Prophet Elias is a single nave, cross-shaped building built in the 17th century, with frescoes of the same period.

Great person of this monastery was the Abbot Panaretos Angelopoulos, who was a member of Friendly Society and a fighter of 1821. But local people have Prophet Elias connected with the charitable work of Metropolis of Messinia as a Sanatorium for people with tuberculosis was built in the repaired cells since 1920 to 1986 and since 1957 to 1986 there was also the Institute of Psychiatric Hospital.

Prophet Elias is on the road to Koutala and has about 60 permanent residents.

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