The residence of Tsiklitiras

In a central point of Pilos, right next to the Town Hall, at the port, you will see dominating the impressive and restored residence of Tsiklitiras, the home of the great Olympic champion Kostas Tsiklitiras, who came from there. In honor of him, there is a statue that has been erected at Pilos and his house, after being purchased, it was converted into a museum. Today it hosts a collection of the philhellene journalist Rene Puaux (1878-1837) who moved from the Barracks of General Maison to Niokastro.

This collection of Rene Puaux includes exhibits that are all currently hosted at the residence of Tsiklitiras: etchings, lithographs, porcelain, metal objects and artwork relating to personalities and situations during the Greek revolution of 1821.

Kostas Tsiklitiras participated in the Olympic Games of 1908, where he came second two times, and in 1912 he won two gold medals in the high jump and in the long jump. He served in the Greek army during the First Balkan War at the Bizani battle, which took place in 1913 in Epirus, between Greece and Turkey. Unfortunately Tsiklitiras died at an early age, when he was only 25 years old, suffering from meningitis.

The residence of Tsiklitiras is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 8:00 to 15:00.

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