The local district of Riglia consists of the settlements Ano Riglia, Eleochori (Izina) and Kato Riglia located 49 km away Kalamata, on the provincial road of Kalamata-Areopoli shortly after Agios Nicolaos. The three settlements were created in the early 19th century by families of Genimatas, Christeas and Kyvelis, on a narrow strip of land between two streams, starting from the mountains of Milea until beautiful sandy Pandazi.

Ano Riglia is an example of mountainous village of Mani, with stone houses and cobbled streets, in a natural environment composed by olive and cypress trees along with the blue sea. The settlements also have post Byzantine churches, historical monuments, such as the church of Virgin Mary in Ano Riglia built by the monk of Mount Athos and the temples of the Transfiguration (1854) and Saints Peter and Paul in Kato Riglia.

In Kato Riglia, a stone vaulted well is a sign of local craftsmanship and the daily lives of residents in earlier times, while the unique church of Saint Paraskevi is in a cave near the village, on a steep hillside with stunning view. The cultural association of Riglia “The Metamorphosis” of Kato Riglia, organizes the last ten years many cultural events, as well as the annual festival in honor of the Transfiguration every summer.

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