Agios Nicolaos

Agios Nicolaos is a small island located opposite to the beaches of Marmakas  and Alikes, in northern Ithaca. It is a rock, not far from the coast, covered with green shrubs and some pines.  What stands out on the island is the chapel of Agios Nicolaos, simple, small and beautiful, with bright red tiles, a red door and stone walls that fit harmoniously into the landscape.

The church of Agios Nicolaos in Marmakas, celebrates on August 10th every year the memory of Saint Martyr Nicolaos the Young. Then a solemn service takes place, as believers arrive by boat from Frikes or even from the two beaches across the strait.

The road to the two neighboring beaches begins from Frikes. The first beach you will meet is Marmakas with its tall poplars right on the shore and then Alikes, mentioned by Homer as the salt marshes of the palace of Odysseus. You can swim all the way to the island of Agios Nicolaos, as the distance is relatively small.

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