Sanctuary of Artemis Limnatida

The foundations of the Sanctuary of Artemis Limnatida were found in 19th century at northeast of the village Mavrommati in Messinia ον halfway between Ancient Messini and the Sanctuary of Ithomatas Zeus at the top of the mountain.

The Sanctuary of Atremis Limnatida was detected in the mid 19th century, but it took a long time  for the systematic archaeological research.

The Sanctuary of Atremidos Limnatida is an ionic temple with dimensions 16.70×10.60m with two columns in front. The pedestal of limestone is preserved until today, in the middle of the temple and it had a cult statue, probably depicting the goddess Artemis. The altar and part of the precinct were also revealed.

Artemis Limnatis is apparently identified with Lafria, an ancient pre-Hellenic goddess of nature, life and death. The fact that Pausanias does not mention the important in quality and size, Sanctuary of Artemis Limnatida, can be explained by the identification of Lafria with Limnatida. He describes Lafria Artemis, whose statue is work of Messinian sculptor Damofon, devotional offerings in her honor, similar to which took place in Patra.

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