The picturesque village Stamatino is built on the basis of Kokkinovrachos (offshoot of Mountain Taygetos), at an altitude of 465 meters and is 8 km away from Arfara and 24 km away from Kalamata.

The well-preserved stone houses, ovens, cisterns and orchands still stand there unchanged over time, to remind us the traditional architecture. According to the census of 2011 Stamatino has 105 inhabitants.

Stamatino is among the most beautiful villages of Messinia and has been also named balcony of the Messinian valley because of the excellent view. The houses are literally drowned in the green hillside. The small square located in the center is surrounded by small cafes.

In the center of Stamatino we meet the parish church of Ypapanti that was built in 1908 and celebrates on February 2nd. Just five kilometers away from Stamatino there is the village Pelekito with stone houses and picturesque church of Saint Ioannis Nisteutis.

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