Two Brothers

Opposite the southern edge of Sapienza, the island of Messenian Inousses, there are two rocky islets, known with appelation Two Brothers. At the largest one, there are the ruins of a very old lighthouse, called “Paliofanaro”. Here, there was initially built the lighthouse of Sapienza by an English engineer who made a mistake and did not start the construction at the location the orders indicated! As the legend says, when the chief engineer went to inspect his work, he made severe remarks about the mistake that was done, something the engineer could not accept and handle, leading him to commit suicide.

At the southwest of the two rocky islets, towards the Ionian Sea, at a distance of six miles, there is the “well of Inousses”, an underwater abyss that reaches  the greater depth of the Mediterranean Sea, at 5,121 m. There, at a depth of 4,200 meters, a vast underwater neutrino telescope is set, through which the research program “Nestor” is conducted. “Nestor” is a pioneering research in which both Greek and foreign research centers participate, in order to find more information about neutrinos and the past of the universe.

The Two Brothers, as the whole complex of the Messenian Inousses, are embedded in the protection network Natura 2000.

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