Vaulted Tomb of Voidokilia

The vaulted tomb in Voidokilia of Pylos, dating back to the Mycenaean period, had already been identified by the late 19th century by the English historian Grundy, but it was excavated in the 1950s by the great Greek archaeologist Spyros Marinatos. The excavator thought that the vaulted tomb of Voidokilia is the tomb of Thrasymedes, son of the legendary King Nestor, who Pausanias mentioned in his tours.

The tomb was partially plundered, but from the remaining offerings we can imagine its wealth; a big number of stone arrows, two necklaces of amethyst and sard, four gold plates, two small Mycenaean pottery and other small items. Impressive finding of the vaulted tomb of Voidokilia is the intact bovine skeleton, probably a sacrifice in honor of the dead.

Recent researches (1977-1979) led by Prof. G. Korres showed that the vaulted tomb of Voidokoilia was founded on a tumulus of the Middle Helladic times (2050-1680 BC), while around the tomb were spotted traces of an Early Helladic settlement and evidence of Neolithic inhabitation.

The vaulted tomb of Voidokoilia is located on the right side of the beach as you look at the sea, over the hill.

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