Voidokilia is perhaps the most famous beach in Messinia and one of the most beautiful in Greece! Its name comes from Voufras, “where oxen live”. It is also mentioned on an ancient inscription as Vouvota – Voidokilia. However, the most obvious name probably derives from the great curvature that forms the bay and the fact that it looks like an ox’s belly.

Voidokilia is located next to the Lagoon of Yalova, at a distance of 10 kilometers from Pylos.

This natural bay is of unique beauty; fine white sand covers a wide area, from side to side of the beach. The water is calm, turquoise and exotic. On your left, as you look at the sea, you can see Paleocastro, on the base of which lies the cave of Nestor.

On your right, at the other side of Voidokilia over the hill, lies a vaulted tomb attributed (not having yet been confirmed) to Thrasymedes, son of Nestor.

Low vegetation surrounding the bay of Voidokilia, while the beach is full of beautiful shells –just immerse your hand in the sand!

Voidokilia is as remote as necessary to remain “authentic”. It is within the protected zone of Natura 2000 and you will not find there any organized activity. In August, it is swarmed by hundreds of visitors, who come to admire it and enjoy its waters and the beauty of the landscape. Free camping is prohibited in the area, which has significant biodiversity.

Access to Voidokilia is possible by the path under Paliokastro, which is located at the end of the Divari beach. You can leave your car there and follow the path indicated by the sign.

The easiest way to access it is through Petrochori. As you move on the road Pylos –Gargaliani, turn left at the sign for Petrochori / Voidokilia. After a beautiful drive through eternal olive trees, you will come across to a kiosk. There, turn left and continue straight on the dirt road to the beach. The road in some places is very narrow and requires attention, especially during the busy summer months.

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