Villavia Apartments

Taking a journey back in time, it was more than a century ago  that the great-grandfather George P. Koutivas and his seven children lived in the house near the church of Agios Theodoros.

People’s everyday life was not easy starting from the gorge of Rintomos through the rough streets. Overcoming the difficulties, the family grew, the place was developed and prospered through us, thus getting the name “Koutiveiika”.

Respecting the tradition of the place and its history, we come to the present day, where we managed to realize the vision “Villavia”.

Among olive groves with the spectacular view of the Messinian bay, the breeze from the beach of Santava and a commanding view of the gorge of Rintomos, we created three traditional stone houses, fully equipped and prepared with care and love.

Children of Aeolus, Ostria, Levantes and Sorokos compose the complex “Villavia”. These are three separate houses on three levels that can accommodate a large group or even a six member family.

The houses are designed and adapted, keeping in mind the notion of privacy and the private view of the Messinian Bay, as well as to be able to welcome visitors throughout the year.

The architecture of the houses is fully compatible with the general character and style of Mani, while it combines modern architecture with our personal aesthetic. The stone is the dominant raw material which has been collected from the area in order to be in line with the natural landscape.

Our aim is for you to enjoy the comfort, beauty, tranquility and feel of the beneficial energy of the area. Our expectation is to make the visitor feel and experience the charm of nature and landscape, giving him the privilege to have it all at his feet.

Tranquillity, less stress, and a sense of harmony with the environment are inextricably linked with the gathering of friends and family, mental – physical health and rejuvenation, all these notions constitute key components of an ideal living and create a motive for your most dreamy vacation.


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