Agios Nikolaos (Area)

The area with the name Agios Nikolaos is located in Arvanitorachi, between Dremissa, the current village of Panourgias and the area of Kavallaria, on the slopes of Gkiona. It took its name from the church located there and is dedicated to Agios Nikolaos of Metsovo.

In Agios Nikolaos, on May 17 of 1821 took place the Battle of Dremissa, one of the most important for the evolution of the Greek Revolution, which then counted almost two months of Struggle. The army of Omer Vryonis descended to the heart of Roumeli, Salona, which had fallen into the hands of the Greeks, immediately after the debacle suffered by Ulysses Androutsos and his fighters to Hani of Gravia. Almost a week later, in Arvanitorachi, the Greeks thieves’ guerillas defeated the army of Omer Vryonis.

The day that took palce the battle of Dremissa was the day when the Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of Agios Nikolaos of Metsovo. Almost two centuries earlier by the Revolution on 17 May 1617, Agios Nikolaos had found martyrdom by the Turks in Trikala, who burned him alive. The Greeks believing in the help Agios Nikolaos of Metsovo for the great, unexpected victory and they built on this point a church in his honor.

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