The cave Akona or in other Agkona, is situated outside the city of Galaxidi, to the west, on the slope of the hill Xirotiri. Its entrance is well hidden and if the visitors want to find it, they should have arrived there with a guide who knows the area or with very careful «obedience to the instructions of the natives. The way to the Akona is surrounded by nature, relatively short and not too exhausting.

The cave Akona has been recently investigated by archaeologists. Clay female figurines, plates , busts animals and miniature vessels found among other items have lead the scientists to conclude that Akona has used as a worship center in antiquity and was probably dedicated to Apollona Nasiota , according to ancient texts from the area.

The visitors of Akona will even see steps carved into the walls of the cave, the construction of which also goes back to the Greek antiquity. An ancient jar at the bottom of Akona certifies also the ancient use of the cave.

Formations of stalactites and stalagmites adorn the cave Akona, which compensates the visitors with its beauty.

At the foot of the hill Xirotiri, where Akona is situated, there are Katramocaves, small caves which are so named because the liquid runs out of the cracks are dark.

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