Battle’s Museum in Hani of Gravia

 The Battle’s Museum in Hani of Gravia hosts all historical data for the great battle, which is written with the glorious colors in the pages of Greek Revolution.

The building, erected in 1999 is a faithful imitation of the historic Hani and now houses the Museum of the Battle of Hani in Gravia. The visitors have the option to be guided in the spaces of the building that fully represent the atmosphere of the era: the stables, the hall, the kitchen, even the bathroom.

You can even watch a ten-minute film in the Museum of the Battle in Hani of Gravia with the detailed recounting of the battle, based on the words of Odysseus Androutsos itself, as preserved in a letter he wrote to his son , shortly before he was murdered in the prison of Acropolis.

Odysseus Androutsos with his 117 more lads was closed in Hani and has confronted the attack of Omer Vryonis that crossed Roumeli to drown the revolution. The Greek soldiers not only repulsed the attack causing significant losses in the Turkish army, but they managed to escape, catching the opponents napping!

The Museum of the Battle in Hani of Gravia recounts the events that happened just at this point, before nearly 200 years.

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