Cave at Galaxidi

The Cave at Galaxidi is situated at the square Mama. The Mama Nickolas Square is the central square of the beach of Galaxidi, the most frequented point of the maritime state of Phocis. Named in honor of the benefactor of Galaxidi, which created in 1938 at Piraeus an impressive and innovative department store with cinema and shops, the proceeds of which he bequeathed to the city he loved.

Next to the snack bars, taverns, cafes, busts of Chieftain John Mitropoulos and Nikolaos Mamas, on the square is situated the cave at Galaxidi. The visitors have the opportunity to admire this unique geological phenomenon: the Karkaros for the old habitants of Galaxidi, the Cave for younger.

A natural, domed, small cave in the rock, is essentially the Cave of Galaxidi, but impresses the visitors, as it is the least rare to see a cave in the center of a modern city, such as the modern Galaxidi.

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