The route Charmaina – Castle unfolds in the city of Amfissa and connects the old quarter of Tampakidon with the Castle of Amfissa, known as the Castle of Salona or Castle of Oria. Intermediate path Charmaina – Castro passes from the Church of Savior, which is Byzantine monument dating back to the 11th century. The trail is easy for hikers, is recently renovated by local agencies and has a total length of 2,200 meters.

Throughout, the route Charmaina – Castle is easy for everyone. It covers the three main attractions and monuments of Amfissa, with the great history. It starts from the district Charmaina with tanning, continues to the church of the Savior and ends at the historic Castle of Oria city.

The informative signs for the route Charmaina – Castle labeled A1, which is the name of the path, while the beginning and end of the analytical tables recounting the history of the monuments.

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