The Climbing to the Gorge of Rekkas

Start by Viniani, in Prosilio and cross – as long as you can tolerate – 13 kilometers of the climbing of the Gorge of Rekkas, to Pyramid, the top of Gkiona, at an altitude of 2,510 meters.

Incomparable beauty and unique experiences of hiking, the climbing to the gorge of Rekkas is one of the great canyons of the country. Steep cliffs, lush vegetation, animals that live in the area – it is characterized as a wildlife refuge – but also relatively rare for Gkiona streams compose the mountain landscape. The Gorge of Rekkas is one of the sights of Phocis.

In principle, the ascent of the Gorge of Rekkas is parallel to the stream. Approximately 1.5 hours after entering by Viniani, it is the area ​​’Muloi’, where you will see the ruins of old water mills and of course the springs with impetuous running water in Platylitho.

Climbing the Gorge of Rekkas, the 13 km up to the top, lasts up to 10 hours. The stop at Mulous is the first and after the midway is the refuge of the Walking Association of Athens, in position of Lakka Kavounis. It has a capacity of 20 people and it is located in 1850 meters altitude. It has a fireplace and two woodstoves, while outside there is a source of drinking water.

The climbing of the Gorge of Rekkas from the refuge to the Pyramid lasts about 2 more hours.

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