Cultural events in Mavrolithari

The cultural events in Mavrolithari of Phocis take place every year, usually in August, from the Worldwide Association of Mavrolithari. They last almost all the month and boil up on 23th of August with the great festival of Our Lady in the square of the village.

As part of cultural events in Mavrolithari hold film movies, competitions, painting and games with the children of the village, musical evenings with traditional folk music bands, youth night, presenting documentary film about the tradition or the environment around the village. In the Cultural events at Mavrolithari are also included social activities, such as voluntary donations, cleaning of the village and the organization of the great festival that is an entirely voluntary offering of the youth and old residents of Mavrolithari.

One of the largest villages in Phocis, Mavrolithari was until 2010 the capital of the municipality of Kallieis. It is built between Vardousia, Gkiona and Oiti and in the village there are fountains, streams and trees that make the landscape magical. The cultural events in Mavrolithari have the stage for success ready and with the much offer and work of the volunteers turn every summer the village to a center of attention.

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