Delphi-Korukeion Antron

The route Delphi – Korukeion Antron is quite easy and accessible for all. It covers a distance of about 9 km and lasts around 3.5 hours. All along “clicks” on the ancient steps that connected the Oracle with the Korukeion Antron, a cave with great value in antiquity. The sign of the path is a red triangle.

The route Delphi – Korukeion Antron starts from the tree of Delphi with the small cafe, and ascends to the stairs there. The hikers can go on the side of the archaeological site, after the ancient stadium and the ascension continues from the “Skala”, the ancient rock-cut path . It leads to “Kroki”, the camping village of Delphi while the view to the olive grove and Krissaios bay is breathtaking.

Half a kilometer after is the church of Agia Paraskevi, in the middle of the path Delphi – Korukeion Antron and then the hikers enter to the National Park of Parnassus, with its perennial trees. At the 2.5 km of the road, the route turns right to the Agia Triada and “Palaiopanagia” which is offered for stop and relaxation.

Immediately after this, a red triangle shows the steep slope of the mountain for about 800 meters. Just before entering the cave the route smoothed. The view to the top of Parnassus by the end of the route Delphi – Korukeion Antron is exciting.

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