Desfina’s beaches

The beaches in Desfina developed in the coastal zone of the area, around the small villages with few residents. They get life in summer, when filled by Phocis vacationers who desire a dip in the clear blue sea, swimming and sunbathing.

Saint Minas: One of the two beaches in the homonymous village at the beach of Desfina, it will impress you with its blue waters and white pebbles! Very close to town and also at a short distance from Galaxidi and Itea.

Makrigialo : Makrigialos is one of Desfina’s beaches which you meet in the coastal village of Agios Minas. Small creek, without organization, it will host your umbrellas and towels in white pebbles!

Vlatos: Twenty minutes from the city, a small picturesque cove with blue waters. It is one of the beaches in Desfina which has cafe and tavern.

Agios Andreas: Otherwise Kerantrias. It is located southeast of Desfina, at a distance of about 15 km. The beach is suitable for diving and family holidays.

Agios Nikolaos: Another Desfina’s beach, it is between the coastal villages of Agios Andreas and Makriwn Malliwn.

Potamoi: If you find that in some parts of this beach in Desfina the water is frozen, it’s because of the many small rivers that run through the area! Clear blue waters, green nature and white pebbles compose the background for your swimming.

Gyalinammos: For many, the most beautiful beach of Desfina: golden sands and crystal clear waters, so they came to call them “glass”! You will find the seaside settlement of Agios Andreas, just outside from the central homonymous pebble beach.

Prosakos: Small bay with blue water and white pebbles, very close to the seaside village “Sakkos”, from the beaches of Desfina which are located just outside of the city.

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