Phocis - Beaches

Although famous for its mountains, mountainous beauty, nature and green, the area which was defined by Phocis has a coastal zone with beautiful sea and unique beaches. The coastal zone of Phocis is defined by the beaches of Galaxidi, Itea and Desfina. Large and small coves along the coast, with golden sand or pebbles, organized and cosmic or isolated and pristine, these beaches represent perfectly all the styles and requirements.

The most beaches of Galaxidi is unorganized, with the natural landscape intact, but there's a number of organized beaches very close to the naval town of Phocis. Agios Vasileios is considered the most beautiful and it is situated before Agious Pantes, but very close to the city there are many other coves.

The beaches of Itea are mainly sandy and gather the majority of visitors. They are organized and their beach bars organize wild party! Miami, Trocadero, Profitis Ilias are just some of these beaches.

Desfina’s beaches are less crowded, but equally beautiful. Clear blue waters and pebbles on the majority. The summers are filled with vacationers of Phocis who desire a dip in the sea, swimming and sunbathing.

  • Itea’s beaches

    The most beaches in Itea are organized and easily accessible by paved roads.

  • Beaches in Galaxidi

    The beaches in Galaxidi are a destination for those who want to combine the sea with the mountains of Phocis on their holiday.

  • Desfina’s beaches

    The beaches in Desfina are small, graphic and meet the requirements of its visitors of Phocis who seek the sea.

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