Epiphany in Itea

Epiphany in Itea is celebrated grandly. It is the port of the area and the place that took place the blessing of water from the Metropolitan of Phocis.

The majestic ceremony that day is Epiphany in Itea. There is a special platform at the dock of the port, from where the bishop of Phocis celebrates mass of Blessing of the Waters. Many worshippers attend from the waterfront Epiphany in Itea, the landscape adorning the small islands of Krissaios Gulf, also called Gulf of Agkali.

Courageous swimmers, young and old, dive into the icy waters of the Gulf Krissaios to catch the Cross and get the blessing of the Bishop. Epiphany in Itea is completed with the procession of the Cross consecrated by him that dived and caught him, in homes throughout the entire city. Usually it is accompanied by all divers, who feel equally blessed by their daring.

The Philharmonic Orchestra of the municipality gives a distinct musical note in the festival of Epiphany in Itea.


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