Eptalophos – Delphi

The route Eptalophos – Delphi is quite large in length, and covers a total of about 18 kilometers and it lasts about seven hours. But it is accessible and easy throughout its duration even if for the novice hikers who do not have much experience.

It starts from the village Eptalophos of Phocis and ends the Oracle of Delphi. It passes through the firs of Parnassus (in winter they are usually covered with snow, for those who want to add extra difficulties), the slopes and streams.

The hikers of route Eptalophos – Delphi usually make two stops, one in Agia Triada, at the plateau which is built to the homonymous chapel and one in Kanalia, after halfway to Delphi. From Kanalia the route continues to Kroki, the resort town of Delphi and then meets the ancient path that connected the Oracle with Korukeion Antron.

The view at the last part of the route Eptalophos – Delphi is amazing, since with clean atmosphere is clearly visible the Corinthian Gulf and the mountains of Peloponnisos.

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