Eptalophos – Polydrosos

The route Eptalophos – Polydrosos lasts about 3.5 hours in the heart of Parnassus and connects the two great villages of the mountain.

From the traditional village Eptalophos to the equally picturesque Polydrossos, the route Eptalophos – Polydrosos crosses dense forests of fir trees, canyons, streams and springs. Throughout the length the walkers of the route can admire the lush nature, while in many places the view to the villages of Phocis is breathtaking.

A little bit before the end of the route Eptalophos – Polydrosos, in Souvala, as it is said otherwise Polydrosos, the hikers have the opportunity to go through one of the main sources of the Boeotian Kifissos and the ruins of a Byzantine monastery of Panagia Mavromantila, accompanying one of the oldest legends of the area.

Those who want to climb even more in Parnassus by Polydrossos, at the end of the route Eptalophos – Polydrosos continues a new path to the Ano Souvala, the old village.

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