The most southern glacier of Europe lies in the depths of this cavern, Eptastomos at Parnassus. This chasm essentially Karkaro Eptastomos as said in the region, as it is evidenced by its name has seven entrances.

The main entrance to Eptastomos is situated in the area of Kalania and to this point reaches only dirt road, while the bypass starts from the region between Arachova and Livadi. It has a depth of 80-100 meters and a total diameter of nearly 200! The white ice lying on the depth of Eptastomos is distinguished from the surface. There never melts, winter – summer and the temperature there does not exceed in any case vastly 0, so consequently during the summer months when the surface temperature exceeds 30 degrees, differences of this magnitude are marked.

The descent to the bottom of Eptastomos is quite difficult and attempted only by experienced mountaineers and caver, always with the right equipment. However, those who have managed to visit the depths of the cave mention an exceptional beauty of ice sculptures and ice bollards which having position of stalactites and stalagmites. At final point of abyss is formed a small lake – with very cold waters!

Those who have visited Eptastomos mention even today the impression that causes the sound of air coming through the orifices in karkaro, giving the feeling that the cave is “live” and “breathe”!

 Winds, der in die Höhle hereinkommt. Dieser Klang lässt den Eindruck, dass die Höhle „lebendig“ ist und „atmet!“

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