Folklore Museum of Amfissa

In the Folklore Museum of Amfissa is concentrated all the modern history of the city, historic Salona, with a long tradition in olive production and tanning.

How were manufactured in the past the famous skins of Amfissa, the bells and the famous ropes? Professions formerly flourished in the region, such as tanners, bell’s ringers, rope’s artisans, and now almost extinct, remain ‘alive’ at the Folklore Museum of Amfissa. Special spaces accommodate the region’s history and introduce the visitor to a routine quite different from today.

Collections of objects and tools of the old craftsmen with items from the daily life of the inhabitants of Amfissa in the past, from the most recent to the Ottoman coexist on the spaces of the Folklore Museum of Amfissa. They are also hosted objects and machines from the old cigarette factory Talamagas.

The Folk Museum of Amfissa is housed in a neoclassical stone building with striking architectural details. It was founded by the Society of Studies in Phocis and it is considered one of the most complete in the country.


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