Folklore Museum of Eptalophos

Classified collections consisting of tools and objects used by professionals who have disappeared or are rare, adorn the Folklore Museum of Eptalophos. Professions such as cooper, the shoemaker, the blacksmith, the shepherd, the logger, the barber, the tailor and the grocer of another period, invite you to experience the art!

In the halls of the Folklore Museum of Eptalophos you will still see local costumes, drums and bagpipes in the region, handmade flutes of exceptional technique – one is made ​​by vulture wings. Household effects and daily objects, jewelry and coins, homemade tools , rich collection of photographs from the life of the old Agoriani, but also elements of religion, such as images and habit, are also among the exhibits of the Folk Museum of Eptalophos, which is one of the richest in the region. It stands still, the collection of 97 different plant species, a number of which grows exclusively around the village.

The Folklore Museum of Eptalophos is housed in a building of a traditional architecture in the center of the village.

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