Folklore Museum of Kastriotissa

The Folklore Museum of Kastriotissa is the pride of the village, located high on the slope of Oiti, at 1160 meters. Its history begins from the Greek antiquity, as it is evidenced by the ruins of the ancient castle. It is continued uninterruptedly to the present time, with significant activity during the Revolution of 1821 and the history of the New Greek state.

Since 1988 operates in the village the Folklore Museum of Kastriotissa. It was created thanks to the effort and the effort of the women of the village that organized in a group and set up this space as an honor to the tradition of the place. The Cultural and Heritage Association of Women of Kastriotissa Parnassidos collected objects, nursed and ranked them accordingly to provide the exhibits of the Folk Museum of Kastriotissa.

Original traditional costumes, daily objects from rural and ranching occupation of the inhabitants, and old objects of folk art, now housed inside. Household items, wood carvings, embroidery, textiles, photographs, documents and memorial honorary medals and a total of more than 1000 objects are even exposed to the Folk Museum of Kastriotissa.

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