Forest village Kapsitsas

Built into the firs, at an altitude of 1150 meters on the slopes of Gkiona, the Forest Village Kapsitsas was constructed by the forest inspection of Amfissa, under the agrotourism program. Located near the Prosilio of Amfissa,the village which is known with the old name Segditsa.

Twenty houses that are not bigger than 50 cm each one consist this village. Landscapes grounds, courts, playground and fully equipped restaurant runs at 78 acres fenced land. The constructions are such that the visitor of the Forest Village can have the sense of intimacy and warmth.

The area where is located consisted the point of supply air for the rebels of the Resistance during the German occupation of World War II. Just only 20km from Amfissa and the access to all points of interest such as the Gorge of Rekkas, the village Sernikaki but also Charmaina and the Castle of Salona in Amfissa, is considered quiet easy.

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