Forest’s sounds

The Forest’s sounds are a camping festival in mountainous Phocis, measuring hopefully 13 years of life. The thought of the organizers was to bring into contact with nature, with the woods of their homeland and their sounds, the youth of the region, but also the visitors. Over the years, the festival has evolved into multi-faceted event, which is now the reference point for the youth not only of Phocis, but also of the whole Central Greece and the wider region.

Young and old, youth and of course, everyone who feels young, climb in the last weekend of July in the mountains of Phocis, where took place the Sounds of the Forest, in recent years, in Agia Triada of Kaloskopi – in 201, about 5000 campers are counted! Musical performances and concerts, art exhibitions, show graffiti, art workshops and outdoor activities: hiking, games, alternative tourism, environmental actions, even if motor racing and other extreme sports!

The Sounds of the Forest have hosted important Greek artists in previous years, as Lavrendis Machairitsas, Locomondo, John Haroulis, Natasha Bofiliou, Lakis Papadopoulos, Blue, Eleonora Zouganeli and Thanasis Papakonstantinou. In parallel with the well known and famous members, the aim of the Sounds of the Forest is to be given time and space to young artists from the region to present their work to visitors.

In the glade of Agia Triada, into the firs, are erected facilities for the Sounds of the Forest, which contains from restaurant and secretarial support to a full-service clinic and pharmacy, as well as scenes of the participants. With a symbolic fee of participation (for 2013 was set at 20euros), the visitors can camp, watch all the actions and receive special offers in the region. If you prefer the comfort of a hotel and not camping, Kaloskopi with its excellent tourist infrastructure, but also other villages of mountainous Phocis are very close to the festival site in order to serve you.

The festival Sounds of the Forest was an idea of the association of formative reflection “Olive” that was founded in 2001 by young people of the region and deals with issues of aesthetics and function of cities in Phocis, as well as with the protection and promotion of the environment.

Since 2008, the Festival “Sounds of the Forest” is organized by the Commission of the Association “Olive”, specifically structured for this purpose, and it has been embraced by municipal commissions of Phocis, contributing to the improved organization and hosting of such a large number of visitors.


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