Holy Mary in Kastriotissa

 Holy Mary in Kastriotissa is the largest church in the village of Oiti. It is located at an altitude of 1230 meters, in the village’s square with the big plane tree and the endless view to Vardoussia and Pyramid, the top of Gkiona. Holy Mary in Kastriotissa is dedicated to the Assumption and celebrates in the 15th of August.  In the Eve is performed the Vespers, and on the same day the holy liturgy. In both of days takes place in Holy Mary in Kastriotissa the traditional festival, where is offered food and wine, under the sound of the clarinet and traditional music.

The mountainous Kastriotissa, the highest village of Oiti, becomes the center of the area for two nights. The crowd ascends the snaky asphalt road until here and they amused till the morning under the care of hosting by the residents of Kastriotissa. Holy Mary in Kastriotissa is built on the edge of the village with the stone, traditional, old houses, streams and small chapels.

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