Islets of Itea

Seven are in total the islets in Itea Krissaios Bay in front of the beach of the town.

If travelling by coat will surely pass the beaches and enjoy the clear blue waters! The travelers who passed through the centuries make a special reference to the islets of Itea, which during the Byzantine period are referred as shelters.

The major islets of Itea is:

  • Agios Athanasios. It’s the first seen from the port, private and one of the many Greek islands that are popular to the international jet set! Full of olives, has nearly round shape and sand on one side.
  • Agios Konstantinos. The second of the islets of Itea, with the homonym chapel on the edge. Constructed during the Turkish occupation, while next to it there is the small bell. According to the “Chronicle of Galaxidi”, there was here the hospital for the nursing of wounded fighters, during the Revolution. Today, on its celebration of 21th May, the believers arrive by fishing boats from Itea, giving again life to the historical chapel.
  • Agios Dimitrios. The most remote of the islets of Itea, in the middle of the distance with Galaxidi. It’s also called as “hat of Venizelos”, because its shape looks like the hat that this great Greek politician worn. It’s extend is about four acres, where there are ruins of houses. On the south side seems clearly a well-defined moat which is suitable for docking of the ancient trireme ship.

Between Agios Athanasios and Agios Konstantinos, the first two of the islets of Itea, on he seabed, were distinguished residues of a stone bridge. It has not been sufficiently explored by the archaeologists but it is assumed that a Byzantine structure has joined these two islets. Its length is about 210 meters and its width 4 meters. It’s probably crashed because of an earthquake.

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