Itea’s beaches

The beaches of Itea offer to thousands of visitors of the area, which is defined by Delphi and Arachova, the best opportunity for swimming! They are very close to the city, but also in most points of interesting for the culture and nature of the area. The majority of beaches in Itea is sandy and very well organized.

Miami: The most famous and cosmopolitan beaches of Itea. Golden sand and a large pine tree in the middle, make the landscape unique. The crystal clear waters in Miami of Phocis never let the Blue Flag to leave! Here you will find umbrellas and sun beds, showers, changing rooms and a variety of taverns and cafes to choose that one suits to you.

Euaggelistria: Very close to town, small beach at Itea which prefer the families with children for its shallow waters. It provides umbrellas and shower.

Anagneika: Sometimes we wonder how so many people fit to this small beach at Itea! If you are lucky and find some space, you will find umbrella from those which areavailable. You’ll also find changing rooms and showers.

Trocadero: Fully organized beach, right next to Itea. Apart from the crystal clear waters and a lot of people, here you will find: water sports, changing rooms, showers, restaurant and cafeteria . It’s preferred by families because it is near and it offers the essentials.

Xenia: The beach of hotel “Xenia”. It is the only one of the beaches of Itea where you pay a ticket. With this you have access, apart from the clear blue water, to umbrellas and sun beds, showers , bar and cafeteria , lawn to play rackets undisturbed and a ground 5X5! As for the crowd, everyone will find here: youth, families and older … who says their soul!

Potami: As its name suggests, it is estimated that here flows an underground river, hence the cold waters! Many believe in its healer capacities and prefer a dip here to alleviate from chronic pain. It’s a beach of Itea and it is immediately after Kirra.

Vraxakia: Shortly after the coastal town of Kirra, next to Itea. The beach is easily accessible from the road, with clean and usually cold waters! It has showers and changing rooms.

Agios Ioannis: Another nearby beach at Itea, with shallow waters and organized since it has umbrellas, sun beds and bar! Do not get confused with the beach of camping, located just below and you must pass between the tents in order to enter.

Camping of Agios Ioannis: it is necessary to pass through the camping in order to arrive to the beach. It’s worthwhile, if you love the game and especially the dips, as here you will find the perfect rig! The water is crystal and from this beach of Itea you will swim overlooking the city. It has umbrellas, sun beds and restaurant – bar.

Previous nudist beach: One of the few beaches in Itea which is unorganized. Many agree that here you will find the best waters. Physical shadow does not exist anywhere, so you should take care for the necessary. You should leave your car about 10 minutes away and walk along the coast until you reach to the beach.

Nisakia: The small islands of the Gulf Krissaios have the best beaches in Itea to swim! You will certainly get only by boat which you can rent from the city.

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