Kastriotissa’s Castle

The ruins of the Castle of Kastriotissa, the oldest city in the region of Oiti, are located in the southwest of the modern town.

The same name of the village, which remains unchanged throughout the centuries, certifies that the Castle of Kastriotissa was a major stronghold of the Dorians, the Aetolians Ofionion that namely inhabited the area. In 325 BC Castle Kastriotissa conquered by the Persians and destroyed. According to the tradition, the Castle of Kastriotissa is identified with the ancient palace of the King Kallias.

The part of the Castle of Kastriotissa, which remains impressive until today, it is estimated that was built about 500 BC, when the art of the Greeks in erecting of forts had perfected. Square towers reinforced the double paddle precinct wall, consisting of great stones. The archaeological survey has brought to light the ruins of the Castle of Kastriotissa around of 1800, while today at the hill of the castle can be seen extra scattered boulders of the edifice.

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