Kirra – Delphi

The route Kirra – Delphi rests on the ancient trail that connected the port of ancient Kirra with the Oracle of Delphi. The route Kirra – Delphi, of about eleven kilometers, is easy, it lasts about three hours and the most of it is the dirt road – with some parts even paved roads .

It starts from the port of Kirra, the small town next to Itea. The medieval lighthouse is the starting point. Crossing Kirra, we reach to the provincial road of IteaDesfina with north destination, towards the marked path – one sign and the signs on trees confirm that we are on the right way.

From now on, the route Kirra – Delphi enters to the perennial olive grove, “Logos”, and continues among very old olive trees until the big Dragasia, the old residence of Dragati of the area. From there, having its source south, we turn left and start the climb to the Krissaios Field, the surrounding area of Delphi.

Then in the route Kirra – Delphi is the Byzantine church of Saint George, a rich almond and immediately after the first houses of the village Chrisso. The pass becomes from the east side to the chapel of Agios Charalambos and we continue with upward direction, which brings us to the channel of Mornos.

From the channel and then, the route Kirra – Delphi follows the paved, ramped path to Delphi (the courtyard of the inn “Ulysses” that we meet confirming the correct direction).  It leads to the paved road and if we follow the east direction (to the right) we will find the entrance to the archaeological site of Delphi.

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