Litany of Savior in Itea

 The Litany of Savior in Itea is the largest religious festival of the coastal town of Phocis.

On 6th of August, in Itea, the church of Metamorphosis of Savior celebrates and it is the largest church in the city and protector. On the eve, the Liturgy of Vespers took place, as well as the Litany of Savior in Itea, in the city’s beach. Crowd in attendance, the authorities and the Metropolitan of the area, as well as military contingents are there. The Litany of Savior in Itea is accompanied by an honorary procession that is accompanied by the marching band of the city.

The day after the Litany of Savior in Itea, on the same the day the Divine Liturgy take place grandly, officiated by Bishop of Phocis, united the clergy of the county, and with the presence of representatives of the clergy from across the country. After, a celebration program follows, organized by the city authorities, with musical performances by local clubs and other accompanying events that keep a lot.

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