Mariolata – Bartospilia

Mariolata is a village in Phocis, at the foot of Parnassus. Outside the village, higher to the mountain is the historical Bartospilia, which took its name from the powder prepared in the cave the fighters of 1821. The route takes about one hour and it is quite easy.

A little bit before Mariolata, the canyon of Kakorema is distinguished on the left. At that point of the road we can see Agia Paraskevi, a small church from which it took its name the homonymous route to Bartospilia.

Arriving from the neighboring village of Lilaia, driving up, we stop to the chapel of Agia Paraskevi and turn left to meet the dirt road that has a sign indicating Path Agia Paraskevi – Bartospilia. The road leads to the gorge and the landscape itself is unique. On your right extends a special fenced farm with horses – admire the magnificent animals as you want!

The path Mariolata – Bartospilia is thick with bushes that seem to hug forming small galleries, many small fields with perfumed blossoms that allow to hikers to camp if they wish or just stop for a picnic with a background of one of the most beautiful landscapes of Greece.

On our left is the magnificent deep ravine breathtaking offering a cocktail of excitement and awe at the same time. The path is clearly visible and after about an hour we reach to the mysterious Bartospilia, one of the largest caves in Greece.

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