Metamorphosis of Savior in Itea

 The Metamorphosis of Savior in Itea dominates at the centre of the town. In 1890, has begun the erection of the temple that is the patron saint of the coastal city of Phocis. The Icon of the Transfiguration in Itea is believed to be miraculous and receives every year thousands of oblations by the worshippers. The temple is a high-shaped, and although it is situated between the houses and buildings of Itea stands out in the landscape of the city.

Two steeples and a dome compose the exceptionally magnificent building of the church of the Transfiguration in Itea, which is decorated with frescoes and in its exterior part. The clock that adorns the steeple of a church shows the hours continuously for residents and visitors of the town.

The Transfiguration of Christ in Itea celebrates every year on 6th of August. On the eve of the feast, after Vespers, takes place the Litany of the Savior in Itea, in the beach of the town. Many worshippers and the united priesthood of Phocis participate in grand events.

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