Mining Park of Phocis

Bauxite mines in Phocis meet even before the Second World War, especially after the ‘50s; however, they were the main economic activity in the region. The residents of nearby villages worked in underground mining of ore, from which is coming aluminum and it is still one of the main export products of the country.

In the Company’s facilities «S & B Industrial Minerals SA» operates for a few years the theme Mining Park of Phocis. The walk with a real “trolley” (as called Park – Vagonetto) in Gallery 850, the underground tunnel until 30 years ago was active and in which the miners worked, will fascinate you: you will wear a special helmet and waterproof, you will enter to the special train of miners and you will go 200 meters below the earth for a ride on a real trolley! There, you will hear the virtual miners talk about their work; you can watch them work beside you in a virtual reality that has been set by the responsible of the Mining Park of Phocis for visitors.

Your walk then is transferred to the surface, in the showroom of the Mining Park of Phocis, which is consisted of three colored rooms:

• In the Blue Room you will hear the story of miners, from the young, Maria, the granddaughter of one of them.

• In the Red Room, in the screen shaped of stalactite, you will see how is realized the conversion of bauxite to aluminum.

• In the Green Room … you will attempt to mine bauxite by yourself.

In the outdoor exhibition of the Mining Park of Phocis, you will navigate between machines that were used before, but also, nowadays for bauxite mining.

Mining Park of Phocis open daily and during the holidays, except Easter and in the 15th of August from 09:00 to 17:00.


Vagonetto – Mining Park of Phocis, 51th km Lamia – Amfissa, 331 00 Amfissa, Phocis

Tel: 22650 78819 & 22650 28826, Fax: 22650 28679

e-mail: [email protected]

From Athens: in the National Road Athens – Lamia, in the 110th km, follow the exit Kastro -Orchomenos. At the junction after Orchomenos, continue towards Amfiklia . After Amfiklia not turn the sign to Gravia, Polydrosso, but continue straight towards Lamia and at the next junction, follow the sign to Amfissa and pass regional out of Gravia. The Vagonetto is located 11 km after Gravia. From Lamia: From the National Road Athens – Lamia and in the height of Bralos, turn right, towards Gravia and Amfissa. From Delphi, follow the signs to Amfissa and then continue to Gravia.

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