One of the most beautiful mountains of mainland Greece, Oiti lies between Gkiona and Vardoussia. The highest top is Purgos with an altitude of 2,152 meters. The historian river Gorgopotamos stems from Oiti, as well as many of the streams that feed Mornos.

In the National Park Of Oiti we can found primarily firs belonging to the species of fir of Kefallinia and maple trees, willows, other broadleaf trees, shrubs such as holly and the rare pines. Small populations of wolves and deer are found among the rich fauna of Oiti, while the recent years, bears have seen sporadically. Plateaus, meadows with flowers and cave fill a unique landscape, with many springs and streams.

In Oiti is the location Hercules Fire, where according to legend, the demigod Hercules ended his life , tormented by the poison of Centaur Nessus. In Oiti the visitor can admire the Castle of the village Kastriotissa which has maintained in a very good condition.

Hiking trails traverse the mountain of flowers, as Oiti is otherwise known, surrounded by greenery and water, passing through steep gorges and countless sources. In Oiti there is a shelter, where the hikers and climbers can use to relax themselves.

Except from Kastriotissa, the villages Mavrolithari and Pira are in Oiti, which belong to the prefecture of Phocis.

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