Pine forest

The most direct access to one of the pine forests at Delphi and Arachova is from the villages Mousounitsa and Athanasios Diakos (Ano Mousounitsa). Imperious, proud trees consist to a beautiful pine forest on the slopes of the mountain, while countless paths cross it, enough to have mood and courage for hiking. The International Path E4 passes through Ano Korakiana, towards to Korakas the highest top of Vardousia, at an altitude of 2.495 meters.

It’s easy to find the “entrance” for the pine forest, just outside the villages, which anyway are built into the firs, the running waters and the vegetation. Inchoate infrastructures will destiny you to enjoy a picnic, a trip or just a few breaths of oxygen among the trees.

The pine forest still hosts a rich vegetation of lush trees and small plants, while it’s probable to encounter many small animals which enjoy the nature as the people.

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