The river Pindus

The natural gem of Phocis prefecture, the river Pindus is known in the area as Kanianitis. It is a relatively small river, but it is quite brash and its flow is unstoppable in winter – summer. The river originates from the Pindus mountain of Gkiona and Oiti, the two major mountain ranges in the area, with numerous sources.

Flowing along the west side of the valley of Gravia between the mountains of Oiti and Gkiona of which consist the natural border and flows near the village of Lilaia, at the Boeotian Kifissos. Across it, the river Pindus passes through the village Kastellia, which divides into two districts which joined together by a bridge.

In antiquity, the river Pindus is joined the army of Dorians, during their descent to southern Greece and they built their cities known as Doric Tetrapolis of Phocis.

Today, the river Pindus offers to its guests a beautiful landscape in nature. On its banks, there are towering trees, while the waters in many places are calm and invite the visitors, even if for a refreshing dip!

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