Tourist Kiosk Pikioni

Affiliated to an ideal natural landscape in place of “Agios Loukas” in Delphi, overlooking the field of Itea and the bay of Galaxidi, the Tourist Kiosk Pikioni is today a remarkable example of Greek architecture.

It exists here since 1959, which ended the construction, then on behalf of ESO. The Tourist Kiosk Pikioni is a stone building, with oak doors, embossed styles walls and impressive floor, which was created by the famous Greek architect Dmitris Pikionis and acquired its final form by his son, Petros Pikionis.

Many celebrities of the 1960’s preferred the Tourist Kiosk Pikioni to relax in nature, as the way to it was very relaxed: the pair Konstantinos Karamanlis and Amalia, Maria Callas and Jackie Kennedy!

It functioned as an entertainment center, cafeteria, café and bar the last tenant has left, the 1990s. Since then, the “Pavillion” as it is known from the corresponding French word, the Tourist Kiosk Pikioni essentially has been left to its chance. It was faced with the beast of bureaucracy and many projects remained closed in the drawer. Despite this, there are many people who visit it each year, in order to imagine the story, to enjoy the spectacular views from its balconies.

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