It is known to all as Kolopetinitsa, which Tritaia kept until 1927. Then, initially renamed to Monodendri until 1928, when it took its current name.

Tritaia is located in the center of the imaginary circle that created the villages Penteoria, Vounichora, Agia Euthumia, Sernikaki and the town of Itea from which is just 9km.

A small, beautiful village in Phocis, Tritaia is built in the middle of the route between Itea and Galaxidi.

Tritaia and Kirra are the oldest residential areas in Greece as several archaeologists put in its place the ancient town Ypnia based on a stone inscription which refers to a treaty between Ypnia (Tritaia) and Mionia (Agia Euthumia). The historian Thucydides and Pausanias also referred to Ypnia.

Tritaia can also be included in the villages that had been destroyed by the earthquake of 1854.


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