Youth Celebration in Panourgias

The Youth Celebration in Panourgias takes place every summer in the village of Gkiona. It held usually a night of August and young people from across the region participate. Musical concerts, theatrical performances, and exhibitions create a unique festival with interesting themes and attractions for all. The Youth Celebration in Panourgias is organized by the active cultural association of the village, which is consisted by men and women who love their homeland and continue in the time, the traditions and customs that are originated from the mists of time, enriching them with the trends of modern culture.

The youth from all around villages of Phocis embrace the Festival Youth Panourgia, where tradition of Roumeli meets the freshness of youth. The old name of the village was Dremissa and it is known historically from the Battle of Dremissa, on 17th May 1821, which was the second major blow to the army of Omer Vryonis, immediately after the disaster in Hani of Gravia. The historical village is the homeland of great fighters like Panourgias of course, from whom it took its modern name.

The Festival Youth Panourgia keeps highly the tradition of the village to break ground and play a leading part in the proceedings of the area.

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